Monday, October 18, 2010

China Cabinet

I got this china cabinet for free from Charlie's Granny.  I knew it had potential, and needed a place to store all my glasses for the bar.

 At first I was waiting until I could get Charlie and my dad to help me sand it, but yesterday Stacy and I were bored, so we decided to "test" it to see how the paint would stick without being sanded. It seemed to work well so we continued. Chalrie promised me after we started that if the paint peeled off because it was not sanded, he was not fixing it and I would have to keep it for 10 years. HA HA ( maybe in the past I have had problems with not listening??!  :) )    We used valspar paint, I had left over from painting my bathroom, and barely stroked it on.  I painted the inside for now, but sometime soon I am going to take the back off the inside and cover it with fabric, along with the bar stools in this room. (Stacy's idea) I keep this beauty in my basement in our bar area since I do not have a dining room. Now I can store all my pretty glasses in a cute cabinet.

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