Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My favorite!

So I will try to proofread my blogs before I post them from now on! Sorry for all the typos! Whoopsie!
Okay so tommorrow I start school back from fall break and am starting two more 8 week classes at the ft campbell ap, so it may be a while before I post anything new! HA
This was defintely one of my most proud project so far, probably because the whole room was redone. No working around anything old!  Before this was a master bathroom, that was not so master, an old vanity rinky dink vanity with a broken faucet, linoleum flooring, and dark. Not only was it small but it was ugly! We started this project in January and probably took about 2 to 3 months.  I wanted something that tyed in with my bedroom and was trendy but not too trendy to go out of style in a few years. We started by removing everything in the bathroom, vanity, toilet, flooring, lighting and shower. Charlie then added a window, at first I was against this because I was scared something was going to go wrong,and I would end up with a hole in the wall with no window! But suprisingly it worked out well!

Tile Pattern for around the shower

When I was picking out the tile for the shower, I chose a 6x6 neutral colored tile, we also needed the bullnose pieces as well as the stairnose and beck pieces for the design I was wanting to do. Florum Tile Outlet is where I got the tile except the brown mosaic glass tile.  I had to special order it and it was hard to look at a picture of the tile and tell if I liked it.  I purchased the glass tile at Lowes.  We ended up needing 5 12x12 sheets of the glass tile. The tub is a Kohler whirlpool from Lowe's as well and I <3 it!!!

I wanted to switch it up so we (charlie) did a diamond pattern on the bottom and a different one above the mosaic tile. We also added an inset shelve in the tile for shampoo.As well as adding two can lights above the shower.  Charlie had done tile in a shower once before so he had a little practice. :)

Next the floor tile was done. We had wanted to add some of the mosaic glass in the floor and this was the pattern we came up with!  It turned out great, I was thinking it would be too much for a tiny room, but it was not at all. It was rather hard trying to lay them, I got fired from helping with this part because mine were going a LITTLE crooked... Ha Ha I'm just the brains of the operation, not the worker!

After the ALL the tile was layed and grouted, toilet replaced, it was time for the vanity. We were going to try to refinish the vanity like we did the kitchen, but there was no hope and it was just not functionally with only two tiny drawers. We had my parents friend Greg build us a new one.  It has 3 drawers on each side with a set of doors in the middle. The finish is the same as the kitchen ( off white with a  glaze) but I went with brushed nickel handles this time because the faucets for the shower and vanity we more expensive in the bronze.
For the countertop I used granite giallo ornamental. I got it from Stoneworld in Nashville, because I worked with them at Lowes.  I went straight to them avoiding Lowe's markup pricing. They are super nice and I highly recommend them. The wall color is the a light blue and matches my bedding in my bedroom.The pretty flower arrangement my mother helped me make, (I haven't mastered those yet) The mirror and picture I purchased from Hobby Lobby later on when they were 50% off. As you know I'm always about saving $$$.

This project probably took about 2 to 3 months to complete.  Between waiting on templates for the countertops, special order items, breaking pipes, (lol) oh and that thing called WORK! I am so VERY happy and proud of  my new bathroom. Thanks to anyone who helped us with this project!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

China Cabinet

I got this china cabinet for free from Charlie's Granny.  I knew it had potential, and needed a place to store all my glasses for the bar.

 At first I was waiting until I could get Charlie and my dad to help me sand it, but yesterday Stacy and I were bored, so we decided to "test" it to see how the paint would stick without being sanded. It seemed to work well so we continued. Chalrie promised me after we started that if the paint peeled off because it was not sanded, he was not fixing it and I would have to keep it for 10 years. HA HA ( maybe in the past I have had problems with not listening??!  :) )    We used valspar paint, I had left over from painting my bathroom, and barely stroked it on.  I painted the inside for now, but sometime soon I am going to take the back off the inside and cover it with fabric, along with the bar stools in this room. (Stacy's idea) I keep this beauty in my basement in our bar area since I do not have a dining room. Now I can store all my pretty glasses in a cute cabinet.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Many of you know Charlie and I enjoy doing projects around the house, especially in the winter, and since we have basically given a makeover to every room in our house, I figured I would make a blog to maybe give ideas to others and put together all my pictures to show all the hard work we have done. :)
 We are always on a budget while doing these projects, Charlie does all the labor work himself, or by help of friends or family. Basically all we had to purchase was the material.

One project we conquered was the kitchen. When we first moved in it was horrible contruction grade cabinets with a small groovecut into them.  Appliances were old and white or cream colored, and worst of all no dishwasher!! I then attempted my first painting job to the cabinets.  I decided to paint them the off white color of the baseboards and trim. I do not recommend this by the way,but hey you've got to learn somehow! It then stayed this way for maybe 6 months.  At the time I was working at Lowes helping others get the kitchen of their dreams so I thought ALOT about what I really wanted to do to mine. (For super cheap of course!!) This is the idea I was going for when it came to the door. I really liked the rope trim.  This particular door was over $200 a linear ft. WOW!

So after I got good deals on my appliances such as my $2500 Electolux fridge, I got for less than 1/2 the price. Love it by the way! Anyways... I got alot of ideas from the cabinet brands I sold at Lowe's with help from my parent's friend Greg, he makes awesome cabinets! After we took off the doors, sanded everything down, we just glued and nailed the rope trim we got at Lowe's.

being sanded, one on top is before.

After all the doors were completely sanded and new molding put over the existing groove, we then took them to the shop and sprayed them with a lacquer white paint.  Then took we applied to a tinted glaze to their after they dry.  The glaze was applied heavily, and whipped off with clean cloth. I prefer only the glaze in the detail or grain of the wood.  I am not sure what type of wood these cabinets were?? They were kind of knicked up but I think it just adds character  :)

Here is a small picture of some of the cabinets
We chose not to remove the actual cabinets from the walls, so therefore we just taped off the room went to sanding and painting.  We added a pretty molding to the top of the cabinets and a simple lightrail to the bottom of the cabinets. I chose a dark brown HD countertop by Formica from Lowe's, and a mosaic multi colored tile for the backsplash from Florum Tile Oulet.  For hardware I chose an oil rubbed bronze rope pull and oil rubbed bronze Delta faucet.  We were also told it would be too hard to make the doors with a hidden hinge, this was one of the main things I wanted, but I was so happy with the way they looked I didn't even mind!  My sink is a stainless 1 and a half, which I love because it is so deep!  Most of my materials were purchased from Lowes because I got a discount especially on special order items.  I also had alot of time to browse and decide on exactly what I wanted! haa haa :)  But when it comes to tile Florum is the place to go!
The kitchen wall color is a moss green, I really like i tand think it ties in well with the rest of the adjacent rooms. Our kitchen is a small U shaped kitchen and in the photo below the backsplash was still in progress. I will also post more pictures of before, it was quite scary!  But thanks to Charlie and my dad it looks like a brand new kitchen. Judging by my experience by pricing new cabinets and kitchen accessories, a new kitchen with the door I wanted from Lowe's would have ran the average person probably around $10,000 we did all this for about 1/5 that! :)

New lighting for over the table as well

Still waiting on backsplash in this photo